Install from

gem install dcdetector

Gem: dcdetector

Install from BlackArch

From the repository:

pacman -S dcdetector

PKGBUILD: dcdetector


It's better to use rbenv or asdf to have latests version of ruby and to avoid trashing your system ruby.

Install from

gem install --development dcdetector

Build from git

Just replace x.x.x with the gem version you see after gem build.

git clone dcdetector
cd dcdetector
gem install bundler
bundler install
gem build dcdetector.gemspec
gem install dcdetector-x.x.x.gem

Note: if an automatic install is needed you can get the version with $ gem build dcdetector.gemspec | grep Version | cut -d' ' -f4.

Run without installing the gem

From local file:

irb -Ilib -rdcdetector

Same for the CLI tool:

ruby -Ilib -rdcdetector bin/dcdetector
# or
ruby -Ilib -rdcdetector bin/dcd